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     Hello, my name is Dr. Rick Cohen and WELCOME to my website!


      I am honored and humbled that you have taken the time out of your busy life to be here.  If you are here, it tells me you may be on your own Spiritual Path and Journey just as I am, looking for answers to LIFE'S many questions.  I am a private person by nature, but felt compelled at this time to finally share my unique story about my own Spiritual Quest. In my book, I have shared the many struggles, experiences and lessons I have encountered and learned along the way. ( by the way, this is a never-ending process for all of us so NEVER STOP TRYING or GIVE UP!!)

     I hope my story may help and inspire others who are going through their own Trials and Tribulations of daily life.  On this site, I will share information about the workshops I facilitate, which is my way of being of service. Of course, if you have read my book you know about all the Divine Support I receive, which makes all this possible. I will also share some books that have really helped me as well as some websites.

     Thank you again for your interest in the book, this website, but more importantly the Advancement and Enlightenment of your own SOUL'S GROWTH. After-all, that's why we are all here in the first place! Everything else in our lives is just window dressing, to help teach and move our SOUL'S forward as we learn how to HELP and LOVE each other.
     May GOD continue to BLESS you on your own Spiritual Path and Journey.

                 Best Wishes
                   Dr. Rick

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